Mark Matamoros



I am a creative audio technologist and musician located in Brooklyn, New York. While my employment experience revolves around live sound/video and music production, my academic background pertains to music technology and computer science. Please utilize my LinkedIn for details pertaining to my employment/academic experience. Furthermore, utilize my Vimeo and SoundCloud accounts for prior projects.

I am currently seeking employment and collaboration opportunities.

Latest Project



FLC is a MIDI controller that provides musical expression through the utilization of string excitement. As vibrations are created through the bowing, strumming, or plucking of the strings, individual piezo sensors capture the string movement. Thereafter, a microcontroller converts the energy into numerical MIDI values which are sent to a virtual instrument via USB.

The significance of string vibrations for MIDI control stems from the deliverable qualities derived from stringed-performance articulations. The variety of bowing, strumming, and plucking techniques can be translated to individualized string performance values through the utilization of polyphonic aftertouch. Not only can these individual vibrations dictate an oscillating amplitude of specified notes, they can also implement wavering shifts in individualized effects processing. This feature can be viewed as an advancement when compared to the commonly implemented globalized-modulation effects with (MIDI) Continuous Controller or Channel Pressure (Aftertouch) features.

Regarding the physical design, a fanned-array of nineteen strings was implemented to create an instantaneous interaction with a large set of notes. Furthermore, this overbearing arrangement was also devised to promote the occurrence of "happy accidents." It must be noted that the specified notes will be determined by a combination of both microcontroller and middleware programming (future feature).

Profile view of instrument

Please contact me for further questions regarding the device. I am completely open to loaning the controller or building a duplicate version for personal use.